Syllabus MAT465/565 Fall 98
Applied Statistics


MAT362 or equivalent
Prof. Carlos C. , ES-319B, 442-4617, VAX USERID CR569.
Office Hours:
Weds. 10-12.
DeGroot, M. H.: Probability and Statistics, 2nd ed., Addison Wesley 1986.


Exam I Thrs. Sept. 17 Review of Probability Chaps. 1-5 25%
Exam II Thrs. Oct. 22 Estimation and Estimators Chaps 6-7 25%
Exam III Thrs. Nov. 12 Chaps 8-9 25%
Exam IV Thrs. Dec. 3 Linear Models Chap 10+ 25%

Notes: All grades are from 0 to 100 points. MINIMUM REQUIRED TO PASS THE COURSE IS 30 POINTS. All the Exams are in class and open book; i.e., books, notes and calculators can be used. The final grade is computed by dropping the lowest of the 4 exams. All exams are cumulative.

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