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An Introduction to Elementary Linear Algebra

This is an experiment on the use of the World Wide Web as a teaching aid for Linear Algebra.

This is currently under construction. I expect to end with a useful relatively complete course someday. Want to help?

We will be using Maple as a symbolic calculator. We'll also borrow Maple notation for displaying formulas. For a quick introduction to the basics of Maple read Maple: An Introduction (PostScript). A short (html) file describing the use of Maple in linear algebra is Linear Algebra Using Maple by Victoria Bush. For Maple information and Maple resources around the Net check the entry point at The Massachusets Institute of Technology.

Table Of Contents

Summer 95 Syllabus.
Systems of Linear Equations
Examples wih solutions using Maple.
Elementary Row Operations
Transforming the system of linear equations to be able to solve it.
Gaussian Elimination
A step-by-step example using Maple on a 4 by 5 matrix.