Syllabus MAT220 Summer 2002
Linear Algebra


Prof. Carlos C. Rodriguez, ES-319B, 442-4617
Office Hours:
Mons., Weds. after lecture or by appointment.
Howard Anton: Elementary Linear Algebra, John Wiley, 8th edition.


Exam I (May 21) The Algebra of Matrices. Chaps 1.
Exam II (June 7) Determinants and Vector Spaces. Chap 2-4+.
Exam III (June 14) General Linear Transformations. Chap 5-6.
Exam IV (June 21) Diagonalization. Chap 7-8.

Final grade is computed by taking the average of the best 3 out of the 4 grades (i.e. lowest grade is dropped). MINIMUM REQUIRED TO PASS THE COURSE IS 30 POINTS. All grades are from 0 to 100 points.

All students in the class must have email accounts by Friday May 31. Exam grades will be emailed to your university account before the wednesday following the exam.