Syllabus MAT220 Spring 2006
Linear Algebra


Linear Algebra MAT220
Section 2783. Tu.Th. 2:45pm-4:05. ES143.

Prof. Carlos C. Rodriguez, ES-319B, 442-4617
Office Hours:
Weds. 9-11 and by Appointment.
Online Text
Jim Hefferon: Linear Algebra

(All exams are on Thursdays)

Exam I Thrs. Feb 9Linear Systems. Chap 1.
Exam II Thrs. Mar 16Vectors and Vector Spaces. Chap 2.
Exam III Thrs. Apr 6General Linear Transformations. Chap 3.
Exam IV Thrs. May 4Determinants and Symilarity. Chap 4-5.

Final grade is computed by taking the average of the best 3 out of the 4 grades (i.e. lowest grade is dropped). MINIMUM REQUIRED TO PASS THE COURSE IS 30 POINTS. All grades are from 0 to 100 points.