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Linear Algebra by Alan Genz
Course on the Web from Washington State University.
All about Matrix Factorizations by Ying Yue Liu
Contains a review of Linear Algebra. LU, QR, leastsquares etc...
Advance Linear Algebra Exams
Comprehensive Exams in PostScript and LaTeX from the U. of South Alabama.
Ask Dr. Math about Linear Algebra
List of questions with answers ala FAQ.
Tripp Martin and Clay Moody L.A. web notes
Lots of pictures, colors, black backgrounds.... more links
S.O.S. on Matrix Algebra
U. of Texas at El Paso. Links to other S.O.Ss in Calculus and Diff. equations. Lots of gifs.
Lectures on Matrix Algebra: Imperial College U.K.
Part of a larger series of lectures on computational physics by Angus MacKinnon. latex2html format.
Interactive exercises with Mathematica!
Your answers are checked by Mathematica on the fly. By Kostadin Antchev from Findland.
Physics Courses on the Web
OK not Linear Alg. per se but complete courses in Quantum Mechanics in pdf files by Marianne Breinig from The University of Tennessee.
Internet projects for algebra
Four Internet projects and a unit on graphing linear equations. VERY COOL JAVA applet!

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