Sites for the Calculus 3 student

Many of the sites in this page were found by students studying Calculus 3. They were asked to find sites which would help future Calculus 3 students. It is our hope that their efforts might open new avenues of learning and understanding for you as a Calculus student. We also hope you can see applications of your work and as one student commented see that "...there is a reason we've lugged around the heaviest book in the bookstore for three years."

This site contains the following sections:

Sites you might want to visit first


Vector Calculations

Coordinate Systems

Quadric Surfaces

Projectile Motion

Level Curves and Level Surfaces

Partial Derivatives

The Chain Rule

Tangent Planes


Maxima, Minima, and Lagrange Multipliers


Centroids and Moment of Inertia

Green's Theorem

Stoke's Theorem

Flux and the Divergence Theorem

Sites related to Mathematica and Maple

The following sites contain notebooks and labs that may aid in your studies during the semester.

Computer Graphics

The following sites apply the topics of Calculus 3. The first several sites apply vector Calculus to computer graphics. The last site applies Calculus to a proposed theory for the origin of the universe. Note, the sites may not explicitly mention or cover Calculus material.

Applications to Space

Several students found sites which apply Calculus to space related field. Note, the sites may not explicitly mention or cover Calculus material.

Receiving Credit for your work on the Web

To submit the work you have completed on the Web, you will complete a form containing various questions. Give yourself some time to complete the form.

Before you begin the form, copy the name of the site you visited. (It was the name you clicked which sent you to the site you visited.) You will be asked for this information in the form.

When you are ready, click here to submit your work.
Last modified: May, 1997
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