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An Introduction to Multivariable Calculus


We will be using Maple as a symbolic calculator. We'll also borrow Maple notation for displaying formulas. For a quick introduction to the basics of Maple read Maple: An Introduction (PostScript). A short (html) file describing the use of Maple in linear algebra is Linear Algebra Using Maple by Victoria Bush. For Maple information and Maple resources around the Net check the entry point at The Massachusets Institute of Technology.

Table Of Contents

Syllabus Fall 2005
General information about the course and exam dates.
Slip under my office door (ES319B) before May 14, 2015 at 1pm.
[Review of Calc1]
Finding max, min and inflection points with Maple.
[Vector Geometry]
Working with vectors in Maple:
[Geometric Algebra]
The Geometric Algebra of 3D euclidean space.
[Vector Functions]
Curves in 3D. Tangent, normal, curvature etc..
[Functions of Several Variables]
Partial derivatives, tangent planes, max and mins and all that....
Multiple integrals, areas, volumes, change of coordinates....
[Surface Area]
Definition, applications and examples using Maple
[Vector Calculus]
Line integrals, vector fields etc...
Found Elsewhere
List of multivariable calculus resources on the net.

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