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An Introduction to Multivariable Calculus


We will be using Sage (see as a symbolic calculator.
Functions for Line and Surface Integration with Sage [SurfInt.sage (text)]
Notebook worksheet using the above functions [SurfInt.sws]
Triangle worksheet using the above functions [Triangle.sws], [Triangle.pdf].

Sage Resuources for Multivariable Calculus: [ .sws AND .pdf files]


What was a Stem-and-Leaf again?

Table Of Contents

Slip under my office door (ES319B) before May 14, 2015 at 1pm.

Michael Corral: Vector Calculus
Free online Textbook.
Syllabus Spring 2015
General information about the course and exam dates.
[Review of Calc1]
Finding max, min and inflection points with Maple.
[Vector Geometry]
Working with vectors with Maple and Sage. Lines and Planes in 3D.
[Geometric Algebra]
The Geometric Algebra of 3D euclidean space.
[Vector Functions]
Curves in 3D. Tangent, normal, curvature etc..
[Functions of Several Variables]
Partial derivatives, tangent planes, max and mins and all that....
Multiple integrals, areas, volumes, change of coordinates....
[Surface Area]
Definition, applications and examples using Maple
[Vector Calculus]
Line integrals, vector fields etc...
Found Elsewhere
List of multivariable calculus resources on the net.

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