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Format for the Submission of Xtra Credit


Submit the collection of problems by filling up this form for each problem. Here is an example of how the email message with the submitted problems must look like:
\authorandnumber{ Charlie Brown 1 }
\problemdate{ 04/22/98 }
\partname{ Chance Variability }
\chaptername{ The Law of Averages }
%%*******Enter the Statement of the Problem after this line*********

A coin is tossed 100 times,  The difference "twice the
number of heads - the number of tails" is like the sum of 100
draws from one of the following boxes.  Which one?

%%*******End of the statement of the problem**************

\gooditem{ A box with one 2 and one -1 }
\baditem{A box with two 1's and a 0 }
\baditem{ A box with three tickets, two of which are marked
         "three" and one of which is marked with a "tails" }
\baditem{ A box with two 1's and one -1 }
\baditem{ A box with two 1's and two 0's }

%%******* Enter the Solution to the Problem after next line****
 The correct answer is:
   A box with one 2 and one -1
 Since the chance of getting 2 or -1 is the same 1/2 but
  every time heads (i.e. the number 2 is drawn) is observed
  the sum increases by 2 and every time tails (i.e. the number
  -1 is drawn) is observed the sum decreases by 1. Hence,
  the total sum will be the same as:
  "twice the number of heads - number of tails"

%%******* End of solution **************

\authorandnumber{ Charlie Brown 2 }
  ( second problem goes here as above .... etc. until the last problem )


Save a copy of the empty form in your computer (or your space in the vax) and then just fill it up ten times with your ten problems.

Remember the Rules of the Game

  1. Every one in the class has the oportunity to improve his/her final score (ave of best 3 of the 4 exams) in Statistics by at most 5 points if by Monday Wednesday Dec. 9th before noon (11:59 am) a collection of 10 multiple choice questions (with 5 alternatives) with their answers is emailed to my account CR569 in the vax.
  2. A single email message with all the problems in the format specified in here (see above) is sent before Monday May 4th at 11:59 am.
  3. Each problem must be chosen from a different chapter in the book. The acceptable chapters (from third Edition) are: 5,10,11,12,15,20, 21,23,26,27,28.
  4. The problems must be original. By this I mean that the problems must not be in the textbook or already online or done by another classmate nor obtainable from these by changing the words or just the numbers involved.
  5. Each one of the 10 problems must have a solution and the solution must be correct.
  6. Each problem must have exactly 5 choices and one and ONLY one of the 5 choices must be the correct answer.
  7. Each problem must include the Part name from the book AND the Chapter name from the book. In other words the form for each problem must be completly filled up.
  8. All problems must use the notation in the textbook.

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