Syllabus MAT108 Spring 1999
Elementary Statistics


Prof. Carlos C. Rodríguez , 442-4617
Office Hours:
Wednesdays 10-12, ES-319B.
Statistics, 1998. Freedman, Pisani, Purves and Adhikari. third Edition. Norton.
Ms. Lucy Howes. (Office) ES239 442-4643. (Email) LH1940. (Office Hours) MWF 10:05-11:10. Also tutoring room TAs at ES138. Check the schedules.


  1. Histogram, Stem-and-leaf, Average, Standard Deviation, Median, Quartiles. Gaussian Approximation for Data.( CH3-5 Exam I).
  2. Correlation, and Regression. ( CH6-12 Exam II).
  3. Probability, Accuracy of Percentages, Accuracy of Averages. ( CH13-25 Exam III).
  4. Tests of Significance, Contingency Tables. ( CH26-29 Exam IV).


Exam I Thrs. Feb. 18
Exam II Thrs. Mar. 18
Exam III Thrs. Apr. 15
Exam IV Thrs. May 6

EXTRA CREDIT: You can add up to 20 extra points to your final cummulative score by emailing (before each exam) to CR569, five *original* and *correct* multiple choice questions with the special format and special instructions explained in


FinalScore = (TotalBest3Exams + XtraCredit)/3

All exams are cumulative, multiple choice, close-book, calculators are allowed. Final scores below 30% are failing grades.

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