:4. A doctor selects at random 400 patients admitted to a large metropolitan hospital. For each patient, he records the temperature taken when the patient is first admitted and the temperature 24 hours later. He finds that the temperatures taken when the patients are first admitted have an average of 101 degrees and an SD of 1.5 degrees. The temperatures taken 24 hours after admission average 99 degrees, with SD equal to 0.5 degrees. The correlation between the two sets of temperatures is 0.6. The scatter diagram of the temperatures is football-shaped, and the histograms of both sets of temperatures follow the normal curve. Consider those patients who had temperatures of 103 degrees when first admitted. Their temperatures 24 hours later have an average value closest to

a. 99.1

b. 99.2

c. 99.3

d. 99.4

e. 99.5