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A survey of practicing certified public accountants to women in the profession was carried out. Survey respondents were asked to react on a scale from one(strongly disagree) to five(strongly agree) to the statement: "Women in public accounting are given the same job assignments as men. "For a sample of 186 male accountants,the mean response was 4.059 and the sample standard deviation was.839. For an independent random sample of 172 female accountants, the mean response was 3.680 and the sample standards deviation was .966. find the P-value and test the null hypothesis that the two population means are equal against the alternative that true mean is higher for male accountants
  • 3.95, can't reject the null hypothesis
  • 3.95, reject the null hypothesis
  • 2.0, reject the null hypothesis
  • 2.0, can't reject the null hypothesis
  • 4.25, reject the null hypothesis
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