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How to Read This Collection of Problems in Statistics


This is a collection of problems for the course MAT108 based on the text book:

Statistics: By Freedman, Pisani and Purves (2nd. Ed)

The problems are indexed by chapter with names following the format:


For example:

Is problem 1 in chapter 10
Is a remark for problem 1 in chapter 10
Is the text version of problem 10 in chapter 26
where (keyword) indicates if the file contains a problem (-pr, prob,..), a solution (-sol,sol,..), a set of alternative answers (an,-an2,..), or a remark with the location of a picture in the text (-rm,..).

The .html files were automatically generated from the .txt files. For the time beeing these .txt files are also included just in case they are more readable (with some www browsers) than the .html files. This service is under construction and likely to have inconsistencies and errors, so be careful. If you think you found a problem somewhere in these files, please Email your discovery to me


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