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Vector Functions

Limits and Continuity
Introducing vector functions. Definition of Limit and continuity.
The derivative of a vector function. Maple tricks.
Kinematics with vector Calculus.
Projectile motion with vectors.
Your plane was hit by a shell from the ground...
Where are they firing from? (Projectile problem)
Unit Tangent, Unit Normal
What they are what they mean and howto with maple.
Arc length and curvature
Definitions, formulas and the very useful maple proc curvature is here...
Formulas for plane curves
When the vector function stays on a plane the formulas simplify and when y=f(x) the calc1 results are recovered.
Tangent vector and curvature
Again... but now with 'gif' formulas... Examples for the circle, ellipses.
Normal, Twist and Binormal
The tangent the normal and the binormal define a turning twisting frame at each point...
Tangential and Normal components of acceleration
They are useful in mechanics.
The in-famous cycloid
Definition, the length of one arch and the area under it... it uses MathML.

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