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Integration Functions of Several Variables

Double Integrals and Iterated Integrals
Double integrals over rectangles are defined here. The procedure ApproxInt2d for computing approximating Riemann sums for integrals in 2D is here.
Computing Volumes: Examples
Computation of volumes of solids defined by the space in between a rectangle and a surface. An easy integral where Mighty Maple fails is here...
Double Integrals over General Regions
If the domain of integration is NOT a rectangle a simple trick can be used to define the integral. Examples of computations of double integrals over regions with boundaries given in different forms.
Properties of Double Integrals
Double integrals inherit most of the properties of sums: Linearity, monotonicity,... etc.
Transformation to Polar Coordinates
Polar rectangles. The element of area in different coordinate systems.

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