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I am Shrike


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HELLO, I'M Shrike?
Is Shrike my character?
Am I Shrike's character?
Are we all here?

Interests include Are we all really here?, Are you there?, Where are we anyway?, What is a HomePage?, What should a HomePage be?, Do you have a homepage?, Is really my HomePage?, I'm I rude?, Should we all say please and thank you?, Did Sam I am really like green eggs and ham?., Is this silly?, Is communism dead?, Coke is It?, Should we: Just Do It?, Are we really all in this together?, Do you Copy Me?, Are we communicating?, Are You sure?, Are we sure that you are sure?, Is being sure important?, and Are native americans really americans?.

Are americans really native americans?
Is this all QM?
Is this all BS?
Is this all TM?
Does WWW stand for World Wide West?
Is JaysHouse the MayFlower?
Are we all created equal?
Is = good?
Is good bad?
I'm I a liar?
Is time slipping... slipping... slipping... tra-la-la into the future?
Does time exist?
Is this a waste?
Do we all have to work for a living?
Does suffering get you into heaven?
Do I write with an accent?
Do I spic witha an accent?
Do I really have blue eyes?
Am I really an African American?
Can a native american be african?
Is the Net It?
Do we all have to eventually @quit?
Does the Universe have to eventually @quit?
Is that the Second Law of thermodynamics?
Is the T.O.E. the value of #0.description?
Is god an oo-programmer?
Was Magritte an 00-programmer?
Are you an oo-programmer?
Are you god?
Are we all gods?
Are we kidding?
Are we playing?
wtf are we doing?
wtf is wtf?
Is this enough?
Should You allow me in this house?
Is Jay an egocentric?
Who pays for this anyway?
Is this a nightmare?
Is BigBrother Watching You?
Are they keeping records?
Are all these New MOOsocieties a hook?
Are you prepare for pay-per-view?
Does the future belong to you?
Do we belong to the future?
Is this a questionaire?
Do I have time for this?
Is Jay a racist?
Is Jay a genious?
Does this have an end?
Paper or Plastic?
How come this house does not have a garage?
Is Jay a millionaire?
Does Jay really have a home?
Is this really Jay's house?
Is Jay selling his soul to the devil?
Do we love our objects?
Is it bad to kill our objects?
Would it be bad to nuke Jayshouse?
Is anybody allow to do it?
Should we protect ourselves?
Are Aliens Bad?
Are Legal Aliens Worse?
Don't we LOVE the NET?
Don't you LOVE Emacs?
Isn't Stallman a hero?
Isn't GNU the Best?
AM I full of it?

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