Abstracts - Alphabetical on Author

  1. Bayesian Comparison of Models for Images Alex H BARNETT, J C MacKay
  2. The maximum entropy on the mean method, noise and sensitivity J.-F. BERCHER, G. Le Besnerais and G. Demoment
  3. The ``Beam In The Bin'' Experiment using ``Probability as Logic'' as a theory of cognition in a simple robotic experiment PIERRE BESSIERE, Eric Dedieu and Emmanuel Mazer
  4. Estimating atomic positions from scanning tunneling microscopy images by means of the Maximum Entropy approach S.D. BÖHMIG, M. Schmid and H. Störi
  5. Probability Theory As Logic Applied To Hypercomplex Two Dimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Data G. LARRY BRETTHORST
  6. Approximate Linear Models B. BUCK and V. A. Macaulay
  7. High Resolution Imaging from Infrared Astronomy Satellite (IRAS) YU CAO
  8. The maximum entropy algorithm applied to the two-dimensional random packing problem G.J.DANIELL
  9. The Determination of Nuclear Level Densities from Experimental Information B.J.Cole, N.J. DAVIDSON, H.G. Miller
  10. Overlapping Decision Trees Stephen A. DELLA PIETRA and Vincent J. Della Pietra
  11. Evolution review of BayesCalc, a Mathematica package for doing Bayesian calculations P. DESMEDT, K. Thielemans, I.Lemahieu
  12. Scale Invariant Markov Models for Bayesian Resolution of Inverse Problems Stéphane Brette, Jérôme Idier and ALI MOHAMMAD-DJAFARI
  13. Inference in Forensic Science IAN W. EVETT
  14. Relevance of Default Models on Maximum Entropy Regularization of Spectroscopy Data R. FISCHER, W. von der Linden and V. Dose
  15. Flow and diffusion images from Bayesian spectral analysis of motion-encoded NMR data E.J.FORDHAM
  16. Maximum Entropy and the Black Object Neil Pendock, PETER FRIDJHON and Michael Sears
  17. Are the samples doped, and if so by how much? ANTHONY J. M. GARRETT
  18. Quantified Maximum Entropy and Biological EPR Spectra S.M. GLIDEWELL, B.A. Goodman and J. Skilling
  19. The role of the Gregory-Loredo algorithm in astronomy:a Bayesian search strategy for a periodic or nonperiodic signal of unknown shape P. GREGORY and T.J. Loredo
  20. Maximum Entropy in Small-Angle Scattering STEEN HANSEN
  21. The hard truth Kenneth M. HANSON, Gregory S. Cunningham and David R. Wolf
  22. Super Resolution in an Optical Confocal Microscope STEVE ISAKSON
  23. Basis Function Selection using Bayesian Inference for Nonlinear System Identification V.KADIRKAMANATHAN
  24. X-Ray Tomography: A MaxEnt Approach W.v.d.LINDEN, K.Ertl, and V.Dose
  25. A Maximum Entropy Method of Reconciling Inconsistent Marginal PDFs STEPHEN P. LUTTRELL
  26. Partitioned mixture distributions STEPHEN P LUTTRELL
  27. The adaptive cluster expansion STEPHEN P LUTTRELL
  28. A fresh look at model selection in inverse scattering V. A. MACAULAY and B. Buck
  29. Density Networks DAVID J C MACKAY
  30. MRI Scan Time Reduction through Non-Uniform Sampling and Edge Distribution Modelling G.J. MARSEILLE, R. de Beer, M.Fuderer A.F Mehlkopf and D. van Ormondt
  31. Entropies for Continua: Fluids and Magnetofluids D. MONTGOMERY, X. Shan and W.H. Matthaeus
  32. Bayesian Estimate of Mineral Distributions in Crushed Ore VLADIMIR NEDELJKOVIC and Neil Pendock
  33. Enhancing Noisy Speech by Recursive Identification of Multiple Vocal Tract Models M.NIRANKAN and W.J.Fitzgerald
  34. Jaynes-Cummings hamiltonian with a Kerr-like medium J.L. Gruver, J. Aliaga, H. Cerdeira and A.N. PROTO
  35. Hypothesis Refinement G. A. Vignaux and BERNARD ROBERTSON
  36. Estimation of Gaussian parameters in the Neighborhood of No Data CARLOS C. RODRIGUEZ
  37. Indifference, Independence and MaxEnt MANFRED SCHRAMM and Michael Greiner
  38. Massive Inference SIBUSISO SIBISI
  39. Function estimation: MaxEnt and beyond JOHN SKILLING
  40. Maximum Entropy and Average Error Rates in Digital Communication Systems F.SOLMS, J.S. Kunicki and P.G.W. van Rooyen
  41. Maximum Entropy and Performance Analysis of Spread Spectrum Multiple Access Systems F.SOLMS, P.G.W. van Rooyen and J.S. Kunicki
  42. AutoClass --- a Bayesian approach to Classification JOHN STUTZ, Peter Cheeseman, Robin Hanson and Will Taylor
  43. Maximum Entropy Inversion of data sets from Subsurface Resistivity Surveying SZYMANSKI, J.E., Tsourlos, P. and Dittmer, J.K.
  44. New Interpolation Models David J C MacKay and RYO TAKEUCHI
  45. Speckle noise in optical fibre sensing: A study using the Maximum Entropy method L. Stergioulas, A. VOURDAS and G.R. Jones
  46. Gravitational Lens Inversion Using the Maximum Entropy Method SYLVANIE WALLINGTON
  47. Maximum Entropy Multi-resolution EM Tomography by Adaptive Subdivision LI-HE ZOU, Zhengrong Wang, and Louis E. Roemer
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