I*nternational S*ociety for B*ayesian A*nalysis

Savage Award 1997



Members of the NBER-NSF Seminar on Bayesian Inference in Econometrics and Statistics, the International Society for Bayesian Analysis and the ASA Section on Bayesian Statistical Science are co-sponsoring an annual Leonard J. Savage Award of seven hundred fifty dollars ($750) for an outstanding doctoral dissertation in the area of Bayesian Econometrics and Statistics.

To be considered for the 1997 Savage Award, two copies of a doctoral dissertation must be submitted by the dissertation supervisor before December 31, 1997 and accompanied by a short letter from the supervisor summarizing the main results of the disseertation. Dissertations completed after January 1, 1977 are eligible to be considered for the 1997 Savage Award. An Evaluation Committee will be appointed by the Board of the Leonard J. Savage Memorial Fund (S.E. Fienberg, S. Geisser, J.B. Kadane, E.E. Leamer, J.W. Pratt and A. Zellner, President) to evaluate dissertations that are submitted for the Savage Award.

The winner of the 1996 Savage Award was: Dr. N.D. Shyamalkumar whose dissertation, "Contributions to Bayesian Nonparametrics and Bayesian Robustness" was completed at Purdue U. under the direction of Prof. James O. Berger.

Those receiving Honorable Mention included:

(1) Dr. Eric Bradlow for his doctoral dissertation, "A Hierarchical Latent Response Model for Original Data with "No Answer" Responses," completed at Harvard U. under the direction of Prof. Alan M. Zaslavsky,

(2) Dr. Max Chickering for his doctoral dissertation, "Learning Bayesian Networks from Data," completed at U.C.L..A. under the supervision of Profs. David Heckerman, Richard Korf and Judea Pearl and

(3) Dr. Andrea Piesse for her doctoral dissertation, "Coherent Predictive Probabilities," completed at the U. of Canterbury, Christ Church, NZ under the supervision of Profs. John Deely and Frank Lad.

Dr. Bradlow and Dr. Chickering made excellent presentations of their research at the Savage Award Session, arranged by Prof. Robert E. Kass, at the ASA meeting in Anaheim, California, August, 1997.

The 1996 Savage Award Evaluation Committee was chaired by Prof. Eshan Soofi, U. of Wisconsin and its members were: Prof. Valen E. Johnson, Duke U., Prof. Tom Leonard, U. of Edinburgh, Prof. Peter Lenk, U. of Michigan, Prof. John F. Monahan, North Carolina State U. and Prof. Peter E. Rossi, U. of Chicago. The Committee Chair and Members evaluated 19 submitted theses and deserve our thanks for a job extremely well done.

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